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Happy Holi 2021 Wishes Odia

Holi is one of the greatest festivals for the Hindu community, especially those Hindus living in the North and East parts of India. It marks the arrival of the spring season. Therefore, the festival falls in March month every year. There are several mythological stories related to the celebration that people recall on this auspicious occasion. It is actually a celebration of fun, togetherness, and love. You can share Holi Odia images with your friends and others.

Holi Odia Images

 Stories of Holi

Now that we know what is Holi, let us understand why is Holi celebrated. You can use this Holi festival information and use it as a source to write the usual homework given by teachers around this time to write a Holi festival essay explaining why we celebrate Holi in English.  

According to the history of Holi, there are different legends and Holi stories that give the Holi festival information. The most popular why is Holi’s celebrated story is the tale of Prahalada, a devotee of Lord Vishnu, and King Hiranyakashipu. The story tells us why is Holi celebrated in short.

According to the legend, the evil King Hiranyakashipu wanted everyone in his kingdom to worship him because of all the unnatural powers he had but he was opposed by his son Prahalada. With the failure in convincing his son to worship him, the King directed his sister Holika, who possessed a cloak which gave her the power to not burn in the fire, to sit in pyre with Prahalada in her lap. With the grace of Lord Vishnu, the cloak saved Prahalada and Holika was burnt into ashes in the incident. Later in the story, Lord Vishnu appears in his avatar of Narsimha (half-human and half lion), to save Prahalada from the cruelty of his father and rips him into two pieces. This happens because of Prahalada’s immense devotion to Lord Vishnu.

To celebrate this day and the glory of the good over evil, Holi is celebrated.

Holi Celebration

It is a 2-day festival. The first day is Holika Dahan which takes place the night before Rangwali Holi. People burn wood and dunk cakes in a pile that signifies the victory of good over evil. The next morning is Rangwali Holi where people gather in an open space to take part in the raucous affair. They pour color at one another. Both liquid and dry colors are used. The government of India appeals to people to use organic colors as they are not harsh to the skin.

Hindus enjoy the festival much by wishing happy Holi to their community. In many parts of India, the dry color called Gulal is played in the evening time. So, the enjoyment goes on all day long.




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