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Best whatsapp online tricks

Whatsapp online tricks

Whatsapp online tricks

There are so many tricks on whatsapp that we don’t know about. Often we get a lot of messages that we want to read but don’t want the people who sent them to get a blue tick. Today we are going to tell you a trick that you will read the message after using but will not send a blue tick to Sender. Let’s find out now from this trick …

Whatsapp online tricks
whatsapp online tricks

When you receive a message on WhatsApp, bring your phone to Flight4 mode first.

Now open the message in WhatsApp and read it.

Turn off the WhatsApp after reading the message.

Now turn off Flight4 mode.

Now remove WhatsApp from the phone’s multitasking as well.

By doing so you will also read the message but the sender will not be visible.

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