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Detailed Odisha state – all about Odisha state

Odisha State

About Odisha State

Odisha state is formally known as Orissa.
What is the first thing that came to your mind when I just said that?
Bengali sweet.
but it actually originates from Odisha state.
Abdul Kalam was also known as the missile man of India so no wonder that they named an island in Odisha after him.

Odisha State


because this is where most of the missiles in India are tested in Odisha.
The Jagannath temple which is supposed to be a very powerful temple also has a lot of mystery around it.

There were a number of things that I found that were really amazing but there isn’t anything to say that there is a crux of truth in it.

but here’s a really cool one: Everyday 500-600 cooks come there to make the mahaprasad that gets served to all the devotees.
And look at how cool Odisha state is!

They have gone ahead and organized India’s first-ever Surf festival.
Bhubhaneshwar, the capital city is also known as the temple city of India.
It has the highest number of temples and was home to close to over 600 temples during medieval times.

The only leaning temple in the world, the leaning temple of Huma is also from there.
Odisha has the world’s first white tiger safari ever which was inaugurated in 1991.

The Konark temple which was built in the 13th Century also known as the sun temple has 24 wheels each signifying 24 hours a day.
One can exactly tell what time of the day it is just by looking at the shadows cast by the spokes.

Chandipur(Balasore district)beach is also known as the hide and seek beach because it disappears with the high and low tide up to a distance of 5km. so the state of Odisha is famous all over the world.

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