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14th June Raja Festival upcoming event


Raja is a big festival in Odisha. It is celebrated with much pomp and circumstance. It falls in the month of Asadha. After the extreme heat, the royal festival falls on the arrival of the rainy season.

The menstruation is celebrated with great pomp, especially in the villages of Odisha. In Odisha, various preparations are underway for Raja 15 days in advance The house and its surroundings are kept clean and tidy. The Raja is mainly for five days, the day before the Raja is decorated and the next day the first Raja and the next day the Raja Sankranti, the next day is called the last Raja and the next day is called the Basumati bath.

At home, people make a variety of cakes, mandapas, arisha, Kakra, Khiri, and sweets. It is a festival for all people, girls, boys and old people On this day the girls hang in the baskets. The girls wear lace on the feet and henna on the hands. On this day the girls wear new clothes. The girls hang out in the doli and enjoy various delicious food and Rajaa songs.

Raja Doli Kata Kata, mo Bhai Mundare Suna makuta
Suna makuta lo Disuthae jhatamat

They also sing a lot of music

Banaste Dakila Gaja
Brasake thare asichi Rajaa
Asichi Rajaa lo gheni Nua sajabaja
In Raja, the girls play a variety of games such as puchi and dances and music and acting. Raja’s main attraction is Rajapan. It tastes good and sweet to the mouth. At this time, the house is full of mangoes and pineapple. There is a lot of food in the king.

Finally, Maa Basudha is worshiped in the morning. On these Raja days, we find time to make our lives happy and enjoyable. Raja is the biggest festival of all the festivals in Odisha. It brings all the joys and joys of our lives. The people of Odisha are looking forward to this festival with great joy.

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